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Wishing everyone a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Philip Russo - Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy New Year

We completed last year on a high with the successful launch of our sister educational site at Ed2Me.co.uk


We have high hopes for that project in the coming NEW YEAR!  Hopefully, you have had a wonderful festive celebration, seeing out 2016 with positive wishes.


If you want more help educating your children at home, then pop over to www.ed2me.co.uk. You can make use of a scheme of work with video lessons, tasks and quizzes. Plus, there is a dashboard to monitor and track your child's progress.


New Year Highlight

We happened to be in London where the celebrations there were definitely thunderous!



The whole of London seemed to herald in 2017 to the chimes of Big Ben. Besides the wonderful display on the Thames, people all over the city were cracking out the FIZZ, BANG, POP! Just listening to the celebratory noise was tremendous.



I would like to encourage you to follow the blog on Ed2Me.co.uk as the focus of attention, in the next few months, will be to develop that site into a complete resource to support education at home.


See you there!

How do you get children to write in sentences? We have some tips.

Philip Russo - Friday, December 09, 2016


Thoughts do not normally pop up as sentences for anyone, let alone children. How do you communicate the sense of excitement, pace and wonder generated from our imagination? Structuring the written word for others to understand is the task and it starts with knowing how to write a sentence.


Actually, inspiration for thought is the first step, but that’s a topic for another time!


Once inspired, children will vocalise a tale with thoughts tumbling out one after the other. Most likely the thoughts will be linked with, “and then…and then… and so.” With excited children you cannot and should not stop that flow of ideas. The challenge is to repeat the ideas with a gentle notion of sentence structure. Structuring a little bit at a time and practising enough to make it feel natural, is the way to go.


To begin with, thinking in sentences and rehearsing them mentally, needs to be a task done separately to inspiring ideas for a story. The two will become one as literacy skills mature.


How do we think in sentences and what structure is needed to start the process? Luckily, we have a video lesson to help.


Here's a peek with an appropriate seasonal flavour, if you have the sound on!



MORE THAN THAT - You may not know, so i'll tell you... we have been developing lessons on our sister site www.ed2me.co.uk. Click the links and pop over for quick tips and a FREE quiz on 'Creating Sentences'.

(By the way, you are currently visiting ed2me.com)


Why not register with Ed2Me.co.uk while you are there - you get extra support with home education and become more special than you already are!


Please don't get anxious about giving us your email. Our aims are purely educational and we are Data Protection Registered with ICO. There's no spam in this larder, we just need to give you a password to extend our help.


New Lessons

Philip Russo - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More lessons, tasks and quizzes loaded on ed2me.co.uk - waiting for you to try. They are particularly good for developing number skills in the early years, outlining concepts and providing fun ideas to get your child practising.


I thought it might be useful if I put some direct links in this blog, to give you easy access.


Firstly, there's a quick 'warm up' counting activity.


'I Spy' picture


Go straight to this fun 'I Spy' quiz HERE.


Our video on 'Developing Counting' does what it says in the title and is accompanied by some exciting downloadable .pdf worksheets. Follow this trail...


    Watch the video   Watch the video HERE


worksheet 'How Many?' HERE

worksheet 'More Than, Less Than' HERE

worksheet 'Counting Lines' HERE


Secondly, there are a couple of lessons on 'Number Bonding'. How to establish bonds to 10 and then practical ways to extend the understanding to larger numbers.



Go to 'Number Bonding' lessons HERE


Hope you find these links valuable. 



Great Launch Day

Philip Russo - Thursday, November 03, 2016

It's official, we now have 2 websites. The NEW www.ed2me.co.uk had an exciting launch last Tuesday and, thanks to the dedication of our little team, 'blast off' was trouble free. The hard work over the past couple of months obviously paid off.


Launch Picture


You may be thinking, why have 2 sites?  Well, ed2me.com (this site) has all the wonderful resources we put together last year and some people may still find this useful. The ed2me.co.uk (new site) has the potential to support a scheme of work, courses, lessons and interactive worksheets. However, it will take a little time for the new site to be  populated with what we plan to offer. So both sites will be live and kicking for a short period, honouring our motto of 'helping you to help your child learn'. 


I must say that the majority of the action in the next couple of months will be on ed2me.co.uk, most blog posts will be on that domain if you wish to catch up on news.


Please register on www.ed2me.co.uk to get exclusive updates and offers! 


Philip Russo - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Most schools in the UK are on their Half Term Break, I hope children and families are enjoying a wonderful time.


Our Half Term Week is full of anticipation, as we tweak and double check our work from the last couple of months. We are counting down the days to Tuesday 1st November, a special day in our calendar. We will launch our NEW website on the ed2me.co.uk domain.


Thanks to all the hard work from the Ed2Me team on getting this far.


From 'Launch Day' we will trial the NEW site to see if it is the tool that can facilitate our goal. We want to enhance learning at home, making it a well structured and comfortable process which fully supports a National Curriculum. We believe that parents and carers can do a great deal to help raise standards in education. 


Please try out what's on offer and if you possibly can, leave feedback - there's loads of comment space!  Oh and most importantly... share, share, share!


I want to give a special thanks to Jasmine Hoey who put together a cute video clip. Jasmine is from Plymouth College of Art, graduating in animation. I think she has captured an essence of Ed2Me that we will use as promotion to 'Launch Day'



What do you think? I think Jasmine should join the team!


Keep watching the curtain call of ed2me.co.uk

Catch Up

Philip Russo - Friday, September 30, 2016

We want to be ready for a fantastic 2017 on the home education front. Much preparation is underway!


We are discovering many possibilities with constructing a new website. It's exciting to see how the flow of videos, lessons, tasks and quizzes can all be linked to progressive curriculum. How 'Programmes of Study' will relate to the UK national curriculum and facilitate the monitoring of Ed2Me users. We feel proud to be developing a service, which at it's core, aims to raise standards of attainment in learning.


Here's a sneak preview of our new 'Home Page'.  BIG plus - it will be more user friendly on laptops, tablets and smart phones.


New website 2016


In the meantime, I hope you can still find plenty on this website to 'help you help your child to learn'.


We anticipate releasing a trial/beta site soon. Keep your eyes on our social media pages for launch dates!


One more line of exciting progress - a further visit to South Africa. I know, someone has to do it! I have the opportunity to meet with Professor H. Herman of Stellenbosch University to explore ideas on supporting education in the Townships around Cape Town. A truly worthwhile project and absolutely dear to my heart. After all, everyone has the right to a good education, it is the foundation to a better life!


Enjoy October, I think it's going to be a beautiful Autumn!  



New Happenings!

Philip Russo - Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer, enjoyed rest and fun times with family. A summer break, be it at home or abroad, is the much needed recuperation everyone deserves. A chance to reflect, build energy and dive into 'new happenings' for the future.


Many of you have children either starting school for the first time or moving up a year group.  Maybe, you are home educating and have a new curriculum planned for the coming academic year. This week has probably been the start of that 'new happening' and I hope it's been successful and looking bright for the coming months.


Our plans to 'help you, help your child to learn', to quote our motto, are in the pipeline - quite literally! Take a look at this...




That's what happens when you plan to put a studio on top of mine waste. There have been hurdles, but we're leaping over those like olympians. 


An example of the NEW website will soon be up for you to try. I'll be posting in a new blog soon but in the meantime, I'll catch you back here for updates.


Have a studious 2016/17 Academic Year!


What's up for Summer

Philip Russo - Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The UK summer school break is well under way! The weather is... well, it is the UK!  Shall I say changeable, not too hot, not too cold, maybe a little damp but comfortable. That's what I love about this climate - nothing debilitating enough to stop you getting into some exciting activities!


If your diaries are not yet full then check our Twitter page - we post regular Tweets on summer activities for children.


Go to Twitter Ed2MeUK Tweets


We have stopped making educational help videos for the summer, but that doesn't mean we are not working to improve the way we help YOU, help your children learn. 


Our focus is to take Ed2Me to the next level. Make learning online easier, more exciting and progressive. We want to provide access to a structured curriculum with built-in self assessment, giving you a handle on your child's learning achievement.


Summer for us? It's all hands on deck, heads together and brainstorm!  Let's build a NEW studio, a NEW website and develop that 'home education curriculum'. We'll explore how we can shape our internet future for the 2017 academic year.


Ed2Me Ad


Follow our progress on the Facebook and Twitter feed.


Have a special summer!

The Man Engine

Philip Russo - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You've never seen anything like it!


The largest mechanical puppet ever constructed in Britain!  

Who built it and why?

Well I'm very proud to have seen it for several reasons. Mainly because it celebrates something unique about Cornwall and was inspired by a friend and teaching colleague, Will Coleman.


In July 2006, Cornwall and it's mining history of buildings, tunnels and people was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Quite something when you consider it's bed fellows are Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. 


July 2017 is the tenth anniversary and Will had the idea to do something a little bit special! He imagined the theatre of a huge mechanical puppet, made to resonate the mechanics of 'THE MAN ENGINE'  which transported miners into the depths of those old Cornish mining labarynths.  Will and the team of Golden Tree productions have amassed tremendous support from individuals and organisations for this valuable educational project.


Machine and man combined portrays tales of the human struggle which made Cornwall a world leader in mining. As well as travelling down through Cornwall, enlightening people of our great World Heritage in this 'birthday week', there are ongoing educational projects involving many primary and secondary schools.


The Man Engine delivers much, much more in education, celebration and entertainment and I encourage you to explore further by visiting the website below.


Click to go to Website The Man Engine 


In the meantime I caught the giant resting up KitHill, near Callington, southeast Cornwall. Take a look at the beast, maybe even try and spot the behemoth crawl and transform to it's full 10 metre stature on the epic journey through Cornwall.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSE)

Philip Russo - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), is one of the three prime areas of learning in the UK's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The other two prime areas are Communication and Language (CL) and Physical Development (PD).


From birth, children learn by engaging and interacting with people and their immediate environment. That's hot...it hurts...I cry...that smiling gentle person cuddles me...I feel better. You get the idea!  How we nurture little ones moulds their future.  Undoubtably, it is important and therefore wise to have some understanding of what will inspire curiosity and generate enthusiasm for learning.


The EYFS framework and guidance covers the first 5 years of a child's learning and development. The handbook is an essential document for Nursery Schools, Childminders and Carers.  There is a Booklet from the Department for Education which highlights what parents can expect from various stages of early development.  It's extremely useful, follow the links to download it from the government website and be well informed!


Back to thinking about PSE and what it means for your child...



Discovering their own capabilities.



Understanding how they fit in with others - social behaviour which influences relationships, like making friends.



Exploring their own feelings, the emotions of others and developing empathy. 


Thinking back to my teacher training days, I remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (a little bit of psychology).


Maslow's Hierarchy


This suggests that being happy with oneself - knowing where you belong - feeling secure with your environment and those around you, are foundations to creative learning. True for everyone!  However, children need some extra help to reach the top.


How do we do that?

Follow the links above to get the EYFS booklets. Find out about and practise some of the many Learning Goals used by professionals.

In general, I believe...


- All family members and carers should have a consistent approach and expectation.

  •      - Create a secure environment with routine.
  •      - Talk about and explore feelings through books, pictures and games         
  •      - Children love to play with friends and in groups, an important social skill builder. 


I'm sure much of this will come naturally, remember, none of us are perfect but staying calm and positive is always beneficial.


Here are a few links with helpful resources 


click this link Buy quality resources from Early Year Resources


click this link FREE Worksheets posted by teachers


click this link 'Youareawesome' unique resources & activities to explore emotions




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