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The Man Engine!

Especially for budding engineers.


The Man Engine is a unique attraction in Cornwall at the moment.


         Click for the full story.


It's so fascinating little engineers might just want to get Lego, Meccano or 'bits & bobs' and build their own.





Art and aerobics!

Inspired by performance artist Tony Orrico.

See him in action HERE


Just find the blank canvas, some large crayons or pens and work out!  Brings a new meaning to art and exercise!  Imagine NEW bedroom decor!


Hello, Wonderful  sets out a full tutorial on their website.


               More from hellowonderful.co


  Giant Spirographs !!



Have a Bubble Blast!

Recycling with added fun.


Another great idea from 'hello, Wonderful'.


Easy DIY instructions can be found on their blog, click below and go right there.


          Pop into the hello,Wonderful BLOG.




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We will endeavour to dig out interesting  activities for you to enjoy.


POP back again soon. It might just save you trawling through cyberspace, hunting for fascinating things to do!

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