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Ed2Me has a small band of experienced teachers and media students who love working together to improve standards in education. Actually, there's nearly 90 years of combined experience on tap!  Definitely a flow of useful information that can be passed on to you. Our aim is to help parents and carers help their children learn.

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Whether it's help with homework,  home schooling or just brushing up on a tricky subject started in school. We will guide you with easy to understand  'how to videos', worksheets and resources. Giving you confidence to work with your child and improve their standards in English and Maths.


This is only the beginning, we already have a large amount of help available through this site, Youtube, FaceBook and Vimeo. With levels based around Primary School subjects. Primary Science help is next, but with your support we want to grow and offer something at all levels. If it will assist you we will try to do it!


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Phil Russo

With over 30 years of experience in education, Phil Russo is dedicated to teaching you how to boost your child's learning.


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